• Annual Rev. Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. Observance

    PAPA partners with Mt. Olivet Baptist Church of Peekskill to present to the community an annual Martin Luther King service.  Beginning in 2014 we also coordinated service projects for members of the community to further the vision of Dr. King.  In an effort to bring a wider representation of the community to the service, a number of PAPA members also participate in a pulpit exchange.  This allows congregations to see the diversity of our community and of PAPA, again reflecting the...  Read More...

  • Thanksgiving Observances

    PAPA offers to the community an annual Interfaith Thanksgiving Worship service on the Sunday before Thanksgiving.  The service includes a wide representation of our membership and the community.  Various member congregations host the service from year to year. PAPA also offers a free Thanksgiving Dinner for the community on Thanksgiving Day.  This is a very large effort, the combined work of a large committee of volunteers who work for months to make this dinner happen. [You can v...  Read More...

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  • Garden of Hope Initiative

    In the spring and summer of 2014, PAPA opened the Garden of Hope.  This was a joint effort made possible by the generous donation of land adjacent to the Yorktown Nazarene Church.  Master gardener Bob Conboy taught dozens of volunteers how to prepare the field, create the fence, plant the seeds, weed and remove bugs, water the crops, and harvest the vegetables as they ripened.   Read More...

  • Noontime Meals

    For many years PAPA has provided a free noontime meal for between 50 and 100 individuals.  In recent years the program has been served at the Salvation Army.  For a number of years the program was guided by James McNair, of blessed memory.  Jimmy passed away tragically in a car accident this year. We mourn his loss. This program is a partnership with many PAPA congregations who prepare meals on a regular rotation each month.  They bring in prepared meals and they are served b...  Read More...

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REFUGEES: A Call to Action by the Westchester, Rockland and Hudson Valley Community

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