Garden of Hope Initiative

In the spring and summer of 2014, PAPA opened the Garden of Hope.  This was a joint effort made possible by the generous donation of land adjacent to the Yorktown Nazarene Church.  Master gardener Bob Conboy taught dozens of volunteers how to prepare the field, create the fence, plant the seeds, weed and remove bugs, water the crops, and harvest the vegetables as they ripened.  All told, together we produced over 1300 pounds of vegetables, including green beans, eggplant, peppers, tomatoes, squash and more.  Most of the produce went to Fred’s Pantry for distribution. Some went to other local pantries.

All of this was grown on only ¼ of the land available, due to time constraints.  Next season we plan to plant on the entire field, which should enable a yield up to 4 times the size! We are excited as we prepare the field when winter gives way to spring!!  We start the season with a Rogation Sunday celebration. Rogation Days are an old religious custom which is now seldom observed.  PAPA has revived this tradition and we invite all of you to share in our program.  The word "rogation" come from the Latin rogare, which means "to ask," and the Rogation Days are four days set apart to bless the fields, and ask for God's mercy on all of creation. Watch "Events" for more information on  Rogation Sunday for the current year.