Annual Rev. Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. Observance

PAPA partners with Mt. Olivet Baptist Church of Peekskill to present to the community an annual Martin Luther King service.  Beginning in 2014 we also coordinated service projects for members of the community to further the vision of Dr. King.  In an effort to bring a wider representation of the community to the service, a number of PAPA members also participate in a pulpit exchange.  This allows congregations to see the diversity of our community and of PAPA, again reflecting the embracing of diversity which is so much at the heart of Dr. King’s vision.

2015 Service Projects

Rabbi Lee Paskind spent some time at our final MLK Service Project on Friday, January 23 at the Family ResourceCenter of Peekskill.  Here you can see 2 of the people who make the Center work: Tamica Nelson, Center Graduate Intern, and Sherrie Harris, pantry volunteer.  Out of the small storefront near Monument Park in Peekskill, Ms. Elizabeth McCorvey, Executive Director (shown below with Rabbi Paskind), provides over 400 bags of food to people in need each month. The Center provides housing counseling that helps with eviction prevention, has affordable housing units in 

Peekskill and Cortlandt, and is a memberagency of Westchester Foodbank and Coalition for the Hungry and Homeless..